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So when I first got asked to photograph Darren & Jonathan's special day, it was such a overwhelming honour as i've known Darren since my school years and we've spent many a drunken moment on the town together.  I knew from the start that the day was going to be full of fun and familiar faces, but also it was going to be a spectacle that would take a lot to beat.  They had already tied the knot officially earlier in the year in Las Vegas and this was to celebrate their marriage with their special family and friends.

When speaking with Darren & Jonathan, they talked about how this started as just a little get together and now has grown to a full on wedding, but we all expected nothing else from these two amazing guys.  From the wow factor backdrop of Horsley Towers in Surrey to the musical fireworks on the lawn, every step of this marriage was breath taking.  We started the morning with both Darren & Jonathan and their preparation and here are a few images we captured...

The structure of the day was a little different to the average wedding day due to their big day back in August in Las Vegas. But trust me they didn't hold back on any details.  From the long table in the grand Sopwith room, fine detailing to the classical 19th century mansion where the live music could be heard throughout, every inch of the room was surrounded by smiles and laughter.  The main event was to take place in the evening where they had a blessing planned followed by some musical fireworks which were just stunning.

Here are a few images we captured throughout the day with the lovely couple, followed by the evening blessing and not forgetting the incredible fireworks.

We would just like to take this moment to say a huge thank you to both Darren & Jonathan for letting us be a part of their special day.  It truly was breath taking and so nice to meet new and old friends in such a stunning backdrop with two beautiful people on their special day.  

Here is too many more years of happiness and crazy times ahead.

Lots of love

Chris & Ami


"Together, forever, believe & achieve"