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As with a lot of our couples, most of our bookings come from word of mouth and todays wedding was no exception. We first met Jess & Jonny back in November after they got in contact with us after mutual friends recommended us. They had quite the amazing day planned with the key focus being on their friends and family. With all our couples, Ami and I like to meet up with them a few times before the big day so they can get to know us and visa versa. They had planned or the ceremony to be held at their church, The New Life Church in Emsworth. This would be a first for Ami and I and we were in for a just stunning ceremony. The love was truly in the air and it was breath taking.

First things first thou. We started the day with Jess and her four bridesmaids Rihannon, Hannah, Gemma, Cazzy and not forgetting her little flower girl Georgia who just brought that whole “Cute” factor by the bucket loads. Jess had planned to get ready at her family home in Portsmouth and here are a few images we created in the morning …

Jonny was a short car journey up the road in Emsworth at his best mans house, Paul. These guys were having quite a chilled morning, this seems to be common practise when it comes to the grooms morning on the big day. Compared to the ladies the gents get it easy! Here are a few images we created during Jonny’s preparation before he headed off to the church.

Most of our couples ask us if we are two photographers and we explain how we are one photographer and Ami looks after the creative lighting side of things and make sure that everything is perfect on both side of the camera. Its key that we meet up with our couples several times before the big day to plan their special day from our side of things. Its key we know who is going to be where, at what times so that we can plan our day down to the second to utilise every aspect of our day.

We headed straight back to Jess who by this point was just having her hair finished and starting to think about her final steps toward the big ceremony. It was time for the dress and it was down to her mum to help Jess into her dress and keep those nerves at bay. Here are a few images we created of Jess whilst she took her final steps to becoming the beautiful bride…

The ceremony itself is one of those that will stick in our heads and hearts for a very long time. The love and positivity that came from the words, music and everyone that attended was just so powerful and really touched Ami and I. Although we aren’t personally religious we took and learn’t so much from being surrounded by a such beautiful, loving and caring community.

After the ceremony we headed to a new venue for us, Tuppenny Barns which was just down the road from the church. This venue is absolutely stunning and the perfect backdrop for Jess & Jonny to share their special day with their friends and family.

We would just like to take the time to say a huge thank you to both Jess & Jonny for choosing us to be such a huge part of your special day. You guys have such a huge support network and are just such a beautiful couple together. Here’s to many more years of happiness and may the love you have for each other just grow stronger every day.

But before you go guys, here are plenty more stunning images for the lovely couple for you guys to look at.

Lots of love 

Chris & Ami


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