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Finally it was that time of the year for our 2017 Competition Winners to step forward and have their special day. I had spent quite a bit of time with Amy & Brad over the past few months with their tester photo shoot and then also their wedding consultations, which are key to getting a good understanding of their day. They had planned their day to be fully held at Southdowns Manor which is set in the heart of the Southdowns National park and is absolutely stunning this time of year. The weather wasn’t going to disappoint and with the major heat wave hitting the south coast, we knew today was going to be extra special.

I started the morning with the girls in the dressing room at the venue, before they moved into the honeymoon suite. The nerves were calm and there was excitement in the air. This is one of my favourite parts of the day as I always get to meet loads of new personalities and then watch them unfold throughout the day as the alcohol takes effect and the nerves start to calm even more. Today was no exception and their were smiles all round, for one of the most anticipated days in their friendship calendar. Mainly because Amy had been counting down from day dot and keeping everyone up to date via social media for as long as anyone can remember.

Amy had chosen to go for a stunning dress by Maggie Sottero from Proposals, Chichester. The dress was simply elegant and finished with stylish lace detail throughout. Flowers were by one of my favourites in the south, Mrs Bouquet, I'd highly recommend getting in contact with her if you are looking for that extra special touch when it comes to floral designs etc.  Here are some images of the girls preparation and all those little details that they’ve bee planning through out the year…

Brad and his merry men were planning on arriving at the venue in style, in a stretched Limo! Very stylish! I was hoping for a pink, leopard print interior Limo, but unfortunately it was already fully booked, so the guys went for the classy all white. I planned to meet up with the guys before they got into the wedding suits, so it was just a short visit and quick photoshoot with the Limo. Here are a few images I captured before they headed off to make the final preparations…

It was back to Amy whom by this point was having the final details applied to her hair & make up. She had chosen to have her hair done by her sister Charlotte, which always adds such a special touch to the day when family are involved and what a stunning job she did. Simple elegant curls that complimented Amy’s final look so well, I think you’ll agree. Along with Charlotte as her maid of honour and bridesmaids Megan & Mel, Amy’s team was on time and looking beautiful. Make up was by Devon Atkins from Beauty HQ and here are a few images I capture before heading back to the gents…

The gents were now in the honeymoon suite and under strict orders not to mess it up. Luckily they were all on best behaviour and everything was going to plan. Brad seemed calm and everyone was in good spirits. Its always good at this point to throw around a bit of banter and get the lads on your side as I might need to call on their help later. It was a pleasure to meet them all and Brad had a great team behind him with his two best men Jack & George and his two ushers Mav & Matt. There’s always one of the grooms team with his top off and the guns out when they see the camera and today was no exception…. Not mentioning any names Mav!

Time was passing quickly thou and the gents needed to get their final preparations done and dusted. Here are a few images I captured of the gents…

So after the gent had left the honeymoon suite, it was time for the girls to take their final steps as team bride and get their bride down the aisle to see her groom. Here are some images I capture of Amy as she became the breath taking bride you see before you…

This is the point in my blog where I would like to say a huge thank you to both Amy & Brad for letting me be a part of your special day. It must be nerve racking when you win a competition and to intrust your whole day into someone like myself. The day was so special and you two as a couple are just beautiful and so amazing. I left your day with a huge smile on my face after meeting so many great people and your wonderful family.

Before I go thou, here are plenty more images for your viewing pleasure and here’s to many years of happiness as the new Mr & Mrs Baldwin. A quick shout out to all of your friends and family for making my day fun and full of laughter. If you are currently planning your special day and like my style of photography, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Also feel free to leave a comment below!

Lots of love



WEDDING VENUE - Southdowns Manor

DRESS SHOP - Proposals, Chichester

DRESS DESIGNER - Maggie Sottero

MAKE UP - Devon Atkins from Beauty HQ

BRIDES HAIR - Charlotte Cheasley - Hair for all Occasions

BRIDESMAIDS & MOTHER OF THE BRIDES HAIR - Jazz Rawlins Bridal Hair & Make Up

FLOWERS - Mrs Bouquet

SUITS - Astares Menswear

CAKE - Carl Christian Cakes

VIDEOGRAPHY - A Day In The Life Videography



Together, Forever, Believe & Achieve

It was time to celebrate and capture the beautiful wedding of Julia & James which had been a long time coming in their relationship, but well worth the wait. They had planned for their ceremony to be held at The Square Tower in Old Portsmouth and then onto Wickham Park Golf Club to really get the party started. This gave me loads of options for photos, so as you can imagine I was one happy photographer.

I started the day with Julia and her team of girls at their family home in Fareham where all their preparation was to take place. Everything from the make-up, hair to sinking a few bottles of Prosecco, these girls knew how to prep for a big day/party. Todays make-up artist was Becci Gibbons from Diamond Quays Hair & Beauty Lounge and hair by Leanne from Scissor Box in Farnham. I’ve worked with both these two lovelies on a few occasions, so its always nice to see familiar faces. Here re a few images I captured of Julia as she started her preparation and also all the little details that thy had been planning over the year.

Just a short journey down the road to meet up with James and his team of men including their little boy Isaac. The men side of things on a wedding day is always a lot more relaxed then the ladies and todays was no exception. This bit of the day is always the calm before the storm before I return back to the ladies and its always nice to capture a few images of the men in their final preparation.

Its the little attention to details that I especially love about weddings and those little bespoke touches that couples add in their own personal way. Julia & James had gone above and beyond to add their own personal touch and here are some images I captured of the men in their final stages of preparation before my day stepped up a gear.

So straight back to the ladies and by this point it was time to start thinking about the dresses. With seven bridesmaid in total I knew that all hell was about to break loose as the time suddenly disappeared, but it was nice to see that everything was under control and calm.

It was that time thou and the moment Julia had been waiting for. Here are some images I captured of Julia as she made her final preparations to becoming the new Mrs Hazzard.

I would just like to take a little time to say a huge thank you to both Julia and James for letting me be such a big part of your special day. It truly was a breath taking day and a absolute pleasure to document it. Here’s to many years of happiness together and to all the amazing adventures you and the family have planned for the future.

Also just a quick note to the family and friends, I would just like to say a huge thank you for making my day so fun and interesting. I really did have a great day and it was a pleasure to photograph each and every one of you. There are plenty of images coming in the future but below are some of my favourites and I think you’ll agree the lovely couple look absolutely stunning.

One more thing, If you are currently planning your special day and currently looking for a wedding photographer, please don’t hesitate to get in contact and lets talk weddings! Please feel free to leave some feedback at the bottom, its always nice to know what you guys think.

Lots of love



CEREMONY VENUE - The Square Tower

RECEPTION VENUE - Wickham Park Golf Club

MAKE UP - Becci Gibbons @ Diamond Quay Hair & Beauty Lounge

HAIR - Leanne Madigan @ Scissor Box, Fareham

FLOWERS - Julia’s Mum

SUITS - Charles Gale

CAKE - Steve Bankhead



Together, Forever, Believe & Achieve

I absolutely love photographing in the New Forest as there are so many beautiful venues and the backdrop is just stunning. Todays wedding was to be held at The Bell Inn, in Brook and our lovely couple, Laura & Rob had planned the perfect day for them to enjoy with their family and friends. The sun was high in the sky and the weather was absolutely perfect from the offset.

I started the morning bright and early with Laura and her team of bridesmaids in the manor suite at the hotel. First up, the make up, todays make up artist was a good friend and somebody who I would highly recommend if you are currently planning your special day. Its always nice to work with familiar faces and Kim from The Beauty Shed and I have worked many weddings in the past.

Here are a few images I captured of the girls, the build up, the preparation and of course the lovely bride to be…

Rob and his merry men were getting ready in the hotel as well, so it was only a short trip up the stairs to see what they were up too. By this point in the day it was time for the men to start their final preparation and to get the cravats tied, shoes laced, pocket squares looking sharp and cufflinks in place. Rob had chosen three best men to be by his side throughout the day and the big job was the honour of Luke, Adrian and David.

I always have a great laugh with the gents in the morning as there’s always a little tension in the air within their group to get all the little details perfected. Todays wedding was no different with the best men taking lead and helping Rob to refine every detail about his outfit and the running of the day.

Here are some images I captured of Rob during his preparation…

During the morning I was asked which part of the day was my favourite and my answer was “In a few hours” I.e. this next segment, the brides final preparation and donning of the dress. Its that point in the day where everything becomes very really and the excitement battles the nerves. It is always without fail thou, the excitement wins every time. Today was no exception and there were smiles all round and a buzz in the air.

Here are a few images I captured of Laura, her bridesmaids Emily, Rachael and Emma and of course not forgetting her gorgeous little flower girl Maya-Rose…

I just wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you to both Laura & Rob for letting me document their special day. We really did have a great laugh on the day and it was just amazing to see you both tie the knot. Here’s to many year of happiness together and to all the many adventures you have planned in the future.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to all of their lovely family and friends that made my job that little bit more fun. If any of you are currently in the process of planning your special day or even know any friends that are. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact or recommend me to others. It really does mean the world to me and helps so much.

Before you all go thou, there are plenty more images for your viewing pleasure below and also a little comments section at the end if you wanted to leave any feedback. Enjoy…

Lots of love




DRESS - Proposals, Chichester

MAKE UP - Kim Kingston @ The Beauty Shed

HAIR -Sam Miles

FLOWERS - Fiori By Lynne

SUITS - Astares Menswear

CAKE - Crafts & Cakes By Caroline



Together, Forever, Believe & Achieve

What a absolute beautiful day to celebrate a wedding at Southdowns Manor. Today was the day when Charlotte & Luke tied the knot in front of their family and friends and the weather gods were on their side.

It wasn’t long since Charlotte & Luke had booked me to photograph their special day and earlier in the year we had a tester shoot down Old Portsmouth with their favourite little man, Albi.

But to set the scene for you, it was a beautiful sunny Sunday May bank holiday weekend in the heart of South Downs National Park, there’s a slight breeze in the air and a wedding on the horizon. I started the morning with Charlotte and her team of bridesmaids Kasey, Jade, Sophie and Scarlett. Here are some images I captured of the girls and their preparation….

Luke was planning to get ready away from the mayhem, at their family home and then make his way to the venue with his best man who also happened to be his Grandpa, Reggie. They all arrived in good spirits but it was apparent that his cravat tying skills had alluded him and come to think of it, everyone at the venue, including myself!

After finally getting the cravat tied, button hole in place, it was time for a little photo shoot of the groom. Here are a few images we captured of Luke as he made the finishing touches…

So back up to the ladies and by this point they were adding their own finishing touches. But time was catching up with us and it was time for us all to step up a gear.

One thing I do really love about Southdowns Manor, is their attention to detail and especially the facilities and bespoke service they offer to their couples in the build up to their ceremony. Charlotte did the majority of her preparation in the “Changing Room” which is a photographers dream as it has loads of mirrors and all beautifully in keeping with the decor of the venue. For those of you that know my style of photography, know I love a mirror and especially during the bridal prep!

It was time thou for Charlotte to get into her beautiful dress which was from one of my favourite wedding dress supplier in Portsmouth, Creatiques on Albert Road, Southsea. Ladies if you are planning a special day and looking for a bespoke wedding dress service, the guys at Creatiques are the guys to go too.

Here are some images I captured of Charlotte as she took those final steps as Miss Penfold to become the new Mrs Corbishley…

I would just like to say a huge thank you to both Charlotte & Luke for letting me document their special day. Although it was one of the hottest days of the year and I made the stupid mistake of wearing black, it was also one of the most beautiful days of the year as I got to spend it with such a great couple and the love they share with their friends and family. Here’s to many years of happiness together as a couple but mainly as a complete family with little Albi by their side.

A big thank you to all your friends and family as well for the great laugh we had throughout the day and the relaxed way I was able to approach the day. I’ve always been very lucky in my photography career with having such great wedding guests and may this hopefully continue… (smiley face!)

Before I go though, here are some more beautiful images of our lovely couple. Also, one last thing… If you are currently in the process of planning your special day, or even know someone who’s planning theirs… if you like what you see, please feel free to recommend me. It makes the world of difference to us as self employed folk.

Lots of love



WEDDING VENUE - Southdowns Manor

DRESS - Creatiques

HAIR - Bexs Appeal Hair & Beauty

FLOWERS - Blossoms

MAKE UP ARTIST - Ashley Charlotte Odey

CAKE - Amazing Grace’s Bakes



Together, Forever, Believe & Achieve