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We first met Gemma & Kevin at a wedding fair which seems quite a while ago, but time flies so quickly and their day had finally arrived. After numerous meetings with them at Belle Isle in Chichester we had really grown to know them as individuals and as a couple. Both Ami and I were so excited about their day as we knew it was going to be something special and all the little details were finally coming together and it was time to tie the knot.

The guys had planned their special day to be held at The Crowne Plaza, Felbridge Hotel which was set close to where they live, near Horsham. It was a early start for all, as most people were travelling up from Portsmouth and we were to start photographing Gemma early, whilst she had her hair and make-up done by the very talented Sarah Elizabeth Abbott, along with her bridesmaids. Here are a few images from the mornings preparation and all the little details that Gemma & Kevin had been planning over the year…

It was only a short journey down the corridor to Kevin who was getting ready with his brother/best man Ryan. It was a very calmed chilled affair with Kevin so we just planned to capture a few images whilst he got into his wedding suit. Here are a few images we captured of the gents, getting ready and then looking dapper…

Straight back to Gemma and her bridesmaids who by this point were in their dresses and it was nearly time for Gemma to get into hers. It was very obvious that Gemma was marrying the man of her dreams and the nerves were starting to build. Holding back the tears on several occasions, with presents being opened and smiles all around, the time was upon us. Here are some images we created in the final moments before Gemma took the walk towards her husband to be…

Ami & I would just like to say a huge thank you to both Gemma & Kevin, the new Mr & Mrs Baxter. We had such a great day photographing you both and you truly are such a beautiful couple together. It was lovely to spend time with your friends and family, your day was filled with smiles, laughs and love. Here’s to many years of happiness and may your love for each other just keep growing.

Before you all go thou, there are plenty more images below for you to take a look at. If you are currently planning your big day and are in the process of looking for a professional wedding photographer, drop us a line, we’d love to chat about your big day.

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Also a big shout out to our friends at Videography Services UK who filmed the day.  It was a pleasure working with you both and we would highly recommend these guys if anyone is looking for a wedding videography team.  We can't wait to see Gemma & Kevin's wedding film.   

Lots of love

Chris & Ami


"Together, Forever, Believe & Achieve"


Flowers - Butterflies & Bows 

Make-Up & Hair - Sarah Elizabeth Abbott

Videography - Videography Services UK

Ami and I have been counting down the days for this special day too arrive. It was finally on our door step and it was time to help celebrate the wedding of Rusty & Rob at The Limes Country Lodge Hotel in Earlswood, Warwickshire. We headed up early morning to capture the guys preparation and it was a rather early start for us both, but well worth it. I had personally known Rusty since my childhood as we grew up enjoying our youth at Portsmouth Players but sadly lost contact as our individual careers took us away from Portsmouth. When the guys asked us to photograph their wedding, we jumped at the chance and knew we were in for a treat.

From the word go it was apparent that the theme of the wedding was the colours of the Gay Pride flag. Everywhere you turned their were splashes of red, orange, green, yellow, blue & purple. Here are some images we captured of all the little details…

We started the morning preparation with the guys and their four best men at the hotel, things started calm but as the morning unfolded the nerves started to appear….. from the best men! The music was on full volume and it was like being taken back to a Euro Vision end of show party! It was such a fun morning and something that will stick in our heads for years to come, we didn’t stop laughing! Here are some images we captured in the morning of the gents preparation…

The morning build up with the guys was full of fun, laughter and naughty innuendos not to mention just a few beverages, but we expected nothing less. The banter between everyone of the guys was just hilarious to watch and listen too and the love between Rusty & Rob was just so infectious. We knew that the silliness was soon to end as the realisation was soon to set in and each of the guys involved would have to put on their serious face and walk down the aisle. The ceremony was just beautiful to witness and it truly was a honour to be there.

After the ceremony we headed off with Rusty & Rob with their best men in tow and created some images of the lovely newlyweds.

Ami & I would just like to take this moment to thank both Rusty & Rob for letting us be a part of their special day. We had so much fun and spending time with you both. Your crazy best men, are individuals we will never forget and we believe we have made friends for life. Your day was full of burst of colour and smiles all round and here’s to many more years of happiness and the journey you both have embarked on.

But ladies & gents, there’s plenty more images for you guys to see below, so please sit back, relax and enjoy the show

Lots of love

Chris & Ami


Together, Forever, Believe & Achieve

The day had finally come and it was time to help celebrate the wedding of Mr & Mrs Fitt.  I’ve known Lucie for a long time and I knew that this day was going to be one to remember. They didn’t fail to provide what I can only describe as one of the most beautiful weddings we’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. Lucie & Adam had planned their special day down to the finest details and based it around family, friends and pure laughter. The ceremony was to be held at The Square Tower in Portsmouth and then the reception was just a short journey down the road to Rookesbury Park School. This was a new venue for us, so it always gets the juices flowing.

We started the morning with Lucie at the girls at their family home, this is where the preparation was to commence. Hair brushes at the ready, make up palette prepped, it was time to turn beautiful Lucie into the stunning bride that would know Adam off his feet. Here are a few images we capture of the girls and their preparation in the morning…

There’s something really special about the bond between brothers and when one takes his final steps to becoming a married man. Adam had chosen his two brothers for his best men and the bond these guys had was just amazing. They were all going to get ready at their parents home, mum and dad were cooking up a storm and the guys were relaxing. The gents morning is always completely different to the ladies, such a more calm affair! Here are some images we captured of Adam and his preparation….

Back to Lucie and by this point the preparation was nearing its final stages and it was time for the final touches to be applied. The dress was a stunning 1950’s inspired lace dress and the theme throughout was splashes of sexy red and finished with touches of yellow. We knew the images were going to be stunning and we were presented with opportunity after opportunity to capture some absolute memorable moments. Our job today was incredibly easy and it was a pleasure to be apart of something so special.

Here are some images we captured of Lucie before she made her way to the Square Tower and into the arms of of strapping groom…

Before the ceremony we met with the gents one more time down by the Square Tower for a quick shoot. Here are some images we captured, before the nerves set in too much…

Ami and I would just like to take this moment and say a huge thank you to both Lucie & Adam for choosing us to be such a huge part of your special day. Your family and friends are just amazing and the love in the air on the day was just infectious. Its just lovely to spend time with you both and we know we have made friends for life.  Here's to many years of happiness together and may your long grow stronger with every day that passes.

But thats not all folks…. Here are plenty of more images of the lovely couple and I think you will all agree with me, when I say they are just a gorgeously sexy handsome pair!

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Lots of love

Chris & Ami





"Together, Forever, Believe & Achieve"

Flowers - Shelly Vernon

Dress - Ellie Bridal - JC Brides

Suits - Astaires

Hair - The Hair Sanctuary

Cars - Hamilton Cars

As with a lot of our couples, most of our bookings come from word of mouth and todays wedding was no exception. We first met Jess & Jonny back in November after they got in contact with us after mutual friends recommended us. They had quite the amazing day planned with the key focus being on their friends and family. With all our couples, Ami and I like to meet up with them a few times before the big day so they can get to know us and visa versa. They had planned or the ceremony to be held at their church, The New Life Church in Emsworth. This would be a first for Ami and I and we were in for a just stunning ceremony. The love was truly in the air and it was breath taking.

First things first thou. We started the day with Jess and her four bridesmaids Rihannon, Hannah, Gemma, Cazzy and not forgetting her little flower girl Georgia who just brought that whole “Cute” factor by the bucket loads. Jess had planned to get ready at her family home in Portsmouth and here are a few images we created in the morning …

Jonny was a short car journey up the road in Emsworth at his best mans house, Paul. These guys were having quite a chilled morning, this seems to be common practise when it comes to the grooms morning on the big day. Compared to the ladies the gents get it easy! Here are a few images we created during Jonny’s preparation before he headed off to the church.

Most of our couples ask us if we are two photographers and we explain how we are one photographer and Ami looks after the creative lighting side of things and make sure that everything is perfect on both side of the camera. Its key that we meet up with our couples several times before the big day to plan their special day from our side of things. Its key we know who is going to be where, at what times so that we can plan our day down to the second to utilise every aspect of our day.

We headed straight back to Jess who by this point was just having her hair finished and starting to think about her final steps toward the big ceremony. It was time for the dress and it was down to her mum to help Jess into her dress and keep those nerves at bay. Here are a few images we created of Jess whilst she took her final steps to becoming the beautiful bride…

The ceremony itself is one of those that will stick in our heads and hearts for a very long time. The love and positivity that came from the words, music and everyone that attended was just so powerful and really touched Ami and I. Although we aren’t personally religious we took and learn’t so much from being surrounded by a such beautiful, loving and caring community.

After the ceremony we headed to a new venue for us, Tuppenny Barns which was just down the road from the church. This venue is absolutely stunning and the perfect backdrop for Jess & Jonny to share their special day with their friends and family.

We would just like to take the time to say a huge thank you to both Jess & Jonny for choosing us to be such a huge part of your special day. You guys have such a huge support network and are just such a beautiful couple together. Here’s to many more years of happiness and may the love you have for each other just grow stronger every day.

But before you go guys, here are plenty more stunning images for the lovely couple for you guys to look at.

Lots of love 

Chris & Ami


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"Together, Forever, Believe & Achieve"