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So we first met Sarah & Jackson at a wedding fair we were exhibiting at back in September at the Royal Beach Hotel where they were planning to hold their big day. We met up with them a few times along the way to discuss their plans and just couldn’t wait for the day to come around. The big day always seems so long away but times flies and before you know it the day is on the doorstep. Sarah & Jackson had planned their whole day to be held in one venue, which is fantastic for my little legs! We started the morning with Sarah and her four bridesmaids and their little girl Martha who is just the most gorgeous bundle of joy.

The girls were getting ready in the honeymoon suite at the hotel. Sarah or Sazzle as her friends like to call her, had a 1950’s looked planned and she definitely didn’t let the team down, with her very own 1950’s make up artist, Lorraine from Rouge Makeovers. Here are a few images we created in the morning of their preparation and little details they had been planning over the months of preparation….

It was just a short trip down a floor to where Jackson was getting ready with his rabble of merry men. The room wasn’t quite as big as where Sarah was getting ready but it was sufficient. The nerves were flowing and it was time for me to use my tie knoting skills as its crucial for my OCD that they are all the same. It really does make a difference to a image if you start off with the finer details. Here are a few images we captured of Jackson’s preparation….

It was straight back up too Sarah who was in her final stages of preparation and it was time for the donning of her beautiful 1950’s style dress. With her styled curls, powerful red lipstick and stunning flowers by one of our favourites Mrs Bouquet, everything was coming together and it was nearly time for her to take her last steps down the aisle to her soon to be husband, Jackson. Here are a few images we captured of her final preparation….

After the ceremony we headed over to the Little Rock gardens just across the road from the hotel for family shots and then we took the lovely couple off for our very own little portrait shoot. This is something we love to do with all of our couples as we feel its crucial to get those wow factor images that they will cherish forever. Southsea sea front is just the perfect backdrop with so much to look at.

We would like to take this time to say a huge thank you to both Sarah and Jackson for letting us be such a huge part of their special day. It was such a beautiful day and you guys are just great and have such a beautiful little family with the lovely little Martha. Here’s to many years of happiness and smiles all round.

But before you go guys, here are plenty more stunning images for the lovely couple for you guys to look at. 

Lots of love 

Chris & Ami


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"Together, Forever, Believe & Achieve"


So it seems along time since we first met with Zoe & Frankie for their engagement shoot and Zoe has kept a keen eye on our work over the year with the excitement building for her special day.  Zoe & Frankie planned their special day to be held a Woodloands Lodge in the New Forest and what a stunning venue it is.  Set back with a beautiful surrounding, this venue is the perfect hide away for any couple to plan their big day.  The theme for the day was based around Frankie’s place of work, the London Underground.  We really cannot wait to incorporate this into their album design which we will do in a few weeks.

We started the day with Zoe and her team of bridesmaids, who were getting ready at the hotel in one of the spacious suites they have to offer.  It was a early start with hair & make up and here are some images we captured….

Frankie was getting ready up in the attic room of the hotel with his team of gents, I’d like to say they were as organised as the ladies but the time was catching up with them. They had been tasked with the important job of getting all the young groomsmen ready as well, which on paper is a easy task, but in reality can be a little stressful. The guys did a great job thou and here are a few images we captured of Frankie and preparation….

It was a quick tern around and straight back to the girl, who by this point were starting to make their final preparations and thinking about their dresses.  It was still very calm but this was soon about to change and for me to start to get just a little bossy..... as you can imagine this is dangerous territory for a male photographer, some may call it suicide but luckily the girls were on side.  It was also that time of the day that every bride has dreamed about for the years they have been planning this day.  It was time the donning of the beautiful dress and for Zoe to take her final steps as a finance and to become a Mrs.  Here are some images we created with Zoe and the girls...

The ceremony itself was just stunning and there was so much love in the air and smiles all round.  We would just like to take this time to say a huge thank you to both Zoe & Frankie and for letting us be such a huge part of their journey.  You guys have supported us so much with our business and it was just a huge honour to photograph and capture some absolutely amazing moments.  

Don't worry thou, I think we got a little snap happy and there are many more images to view below.  Here's to many more years of happiness and to the amazing new Mr & Mrs Carballeira.

Lots of love 

Chris & Ami


"Together, Forever, Believe & Achieve"

So when I first got asked to photograph Darren & Jonathan's special day, it was such a overwhelming honour as i've known Darren since my school years and we've spent many a drunken moment on the town together.  I knew from the start that the day was going to be full of fun and familiar faces, but also it was going to be a spectacle that would take a lot to beat.  They had already tied the knot officially earlier in the year in Las Vegas and this was to celebrate their marriage with their special family and friends.

When speaking with Darren & Jonathan, they talked about how this started as just a little get together and now has grown to a full on wedding, but we all expected nothing else from these two amazing guys.  From the wow factor backdrop of Horsley Towers in Surrey to the musical fireworks on the lawn, every step of this marriage was breath taking.  We started the morning with both Darren & Jonathan and their preparation and here are a few images we captured...

The structure of the day was a little different to the average wedding day due to their big day back in August in Las Vegas. But trust me they didn't hold back on any details.  From the long table in the grand Sopwith room, fine detailing to the classical 19th century mansion where the live music could be heard throughout, every inch of the room was surrounded by smiles and laughter.  The main event was to take place in the evening where they had a blessing planned followed by some musical fireworks which were just stunning.

Here are a few images we captured throughout the day with the lovely couple, followed by the evening blessing and not forgetting the incredible fireworks.

We would just like to take this moment to say a huge thank you to both Darren & Jonathan for letting us be a part of their special day.  It truly was breath taking and so nice to meet new and old friends in such a stunning backdrop with two beautiful people on their special day.  

Here is too many more years of happiness and crazy times ahead.

Lots of love

Chris & Ami


"Together, forever, believe & achieve"


So we have been looking forward to this day for quite a while now.  It was time for the beautiful wedding of Simone and Nigel and everything was coming together nicely and they had such an amazing day planned.  Simone and I have known each other for years now and its always such a honour to be asked to photograph a couples special day but this one was extra special for us.  They had planned to hold their special day at The George Inn, in Warminster and what a stunning venue it was.  Set on the River Wylye in the beautiful town of Longbridge Deverill, this traditional coaching inn made the perfect setting.

We started the day with Simone at her parents home and to try and set the scene for you... things were a little crazy.  Laugh, smiles and fun fun fun from the start.  We knew we had a exciting day ahead as from the word go everyone was having such a great time, even thou they were running a little behind schedule.  But that wasn't anything to dampen the mood and they soon caught up.  Here are a few images we created in the morning whilst Simone was making her preparations towards becoming the new Mrs Watson...










We had a brief trip across to meet up with Nigel, who was getting ready at home with his bestman and two ushers.  As with all the grooms we photograph, things were a lot more chilled at this end with the gents.  They were chilling watching the footy and taking their time to get ready before Nigel took his final steps.  Here are a few images we created of Nigel at home with his team...







So back to Simone, who at this point had made her way to the venue to add the final touches and get into her dress.  It was a game of ducking and diving as by this point Nigel had also arrived, so it had become a covert operation to make sure the couple didn't accidentally lay eyes on each other. Here are a few images we created of Simone as her preparation started to draw to a end and her thoughts started to turn to making her final steps...











This is the point in our story where we would like to say a huge thank you to both Simone & Nigel for letting us be a huge part of their special day.  We really believe the images we have created so far are just stunning of the both individually, but now its time to see the images of the two of you as team Watson.  Guys congratulations, you two are just amazing and we wish you so much happiness and laughter for many years to come.  Here's to loving each other so much today, but not as much as you will love each other tomorrow. 

As for you guys who are ready this blog, there are plenty more images below and loads of room for comments at the end.  So please feel free to leave a message for the lovely couple and also leave a comment for us.. we love a bit of feedback!

Lots of love

Chris & Ami












"Together, Forever, Believe & Achieve"